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Boot Trucking is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of products and services.

Boot Trucking employs a fleet 24 trucks all capable of pulling a variety of trailers. We specialize in moving bulk products with 53’ live floor trailers. We also pull Flat Decks, Drop Decks, Bulk Hoppers and Belt Wagons, and included Hoppers to several Live Floor Trailers. Just recently, we have added a Side Dump and a Gravel Truck to the fleet. Our sphere of service includes Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the North-Western US.

Boot Trucking provides general freight services, we also wholesale Livestock Bedding, Pivot Track Fill, Oil Field Absorption Products, Recycled Wood Grindings, and Landscape Mulches.

Boot Trucking Truck

Serving Western Canada since 1989

Boot Trucking Truck

Oil Absorption Blend

Boot Trucking offers a Premium Absorption Blend specifically blended for oilfield use, which is exceptional for mixing with drill cuttings. This blend is also suitable for large scale chemical spill clean-ups.
We employ 3 Shuttle Floor Belt Trailers to carry your cuttings to the nearest approved facility, testing for Approval is done by third party. Contact us for more information.

Rocky Mountain Landscape Bark

Rocky Mountain Landscape Bark(RMLB) is the #1 wholesale supplier of Douglas Fir bark products based in Elko, BC. We offer both retail landscape suppliers and bulk material buyers a range of high quality, 100% natural, eco-friendly landscape mulches. RMLB’s is affiliated with Boot Trucking and maintains a close working relationship in order to deliver their products in a timely manner. Boot Trucking also retails some of the products RMLB offers in the Southern Alberta area.

Trailer Fleet

Live Floor

End Dump

Side Dump

Live Floor with Hopper

Bulk Hopper

Belt Wagon

Dry Van(Live Floor)



Boot Trucking Ltd. is AASP COR Certified.

Our employees are trained and certified in various Safety Certifications relating to the oil field and the trucking industry. Training includes WHIMIS, TDG, H2S, First Aid, Transportation Safety and Health & Safety courses.

Our goal is a safe, healthy, injury and violence/harassment free work environment for our employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, and the general public.

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